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Voodoo Ray’s Late Night Pizza – Dalston, London

At last…the famous New York pizza slice has finally come to London at brand new Dalston pizza joint, Voodoo Ray’s.

Just a few doors down from its sister venue Dalston Superstore, Voodoo Ray’s serves 14 different gourmet slices (or whole pizza at an enormous 22-inches) with Frozen Margaritas, craft beers and an impressive range of soft drinks in a rough-luxe canteen setting.  If you like Paris’ Pink Flamingo and Roberta’s in Brooklyn, Voodoo Ray’s is an absolute must.

Just order your slices and drinks at the counter, sit down and within a few minutes they are brought to the table, after a quick firing in the pizza oven.  Slices are served simply on disposable paper plates, just as they should be, and you can finish them with some chili oil, dried Parmesan, chili flakes and black pepper.

I ordered the delicious Cabbage Patch Kid – savoy cabbage, bacon, tomato sauce, mozzarella (£4.20).  The base was thin, crispy and authentically Italian (made with 00 flour) and covered with just the right amount of slow-cooked tomato sauce and creamy fresh mozzarella.  Savoy cabbage is a surprisingly perfect pizza topping and it went well with the small strips of thick bacon.

Steven went for The Meat Is On – minced steak, pepperoni, ham, pancetta, mozzarella, tomato sauce (£4.20).  It was a scrumptious meat feast without the usual oiliness and toppings were high quality and plentiful.

For round two, I wanted to try a Regular Slice, but they had just run out, so I couldn’t resist another tasty Cabbage Patch Kid – well, there are many more occasions to work through the menu.  Steven went for a slice of Got Beef – minced steak, béchamel, aubergine, mozzarella, tomato sauce (£4.20).  This pizza version of a moussaka was covered in well-seasoned minced steak, a slice of soft roasted aubergine and a good drizzle of creamy béchamel.

The pizza slices are affordably priced at £3.50-£4.20 and drinks are surprisingly cheap, so you can drop by for a quick and easy dinner or have a boozy pizza party with friends without breaking the bank.  Arrive extra late and you will be rewarded with a special Full Moon pizza topped with bacon dust and mayonnaise – served only after midnight.

As expected from the people behind Dalston Superstore, the music at Voodoo Ray’s is brilliant, with a bit of Smashing Pumpkins and New York disco while we were there.  We heard rumblings from the mysterious Dance Tunnel downstairs, which has already hosted parties.  Rumour has it that the tunnel stretches all the way to Dalston Superstore.  Unlikely, but how awesome would a Dalston disco pizza tunnel be!

Voodoo Ray’s – 95 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB

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  • Reply cam December 20, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    This plac is very unhygienic . I saw one of the chefs sticking his finger up his nose, and a second later this same finger was in the vegetables he was putting on my pizza. Kitchens floor was dusty, filthy. Gross .

  • Reply kc February 6, 2013 at 10:20 am

    £4.20 for a slice of pizza…..jesus

  • Reply What is a hipster? Look at this fucking hipster... - Page 313 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed February 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    […] Originally Posted by Tenderloin [/IMG] Hipsters in Dalston A pizza joint named after an A Guy Called Gerald song. Totally Analogue Bro.…alston-london/ […]

  • Reply Thomas February 13, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    How is this in any way similar to Robertas other than the fact is has a hipster clientele? The pizza is totally different (Neapolitan Style (Robertas) vs NYC Slice Style (i use this term loosely – this shit heap)). Robertas has its own garden, progressive and interesting ingredients and a fine dining restaurant next door. This place sells overpriced slices of pizza.

    Seems to me like someone went to Brooklyn one time on their holidays and came back thinking their an expert in NYC dining (this applies to this blog and Voodoo Rays).

    • Reply cheriecity February 13, 2013 at 11:08 pm

      Oh Thomas, my darling, I didn’t say it was a carbon copy of Roberta’s. I merely suggested that people who ‘like’ Roberta’s or Pink Flamingo in Paris, might be interested in trying Voodoo Ray’s. Have you been to Voodoo Ray’s and found it to be a ‘shit heap’? I’ve been to New York, but certainly don’t consider myself an expert in the local food scene. How could I? I don’t live there! Try letting go of some of that toxic anger, Thomas, don’t take life and pizza so seriously.

  • Reply Beebop October 4, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Sorry, but it’s seriously overpriced, the pizza choices are a bit OTT sickly toppings. £2:50-£3 a slice compared to $1 -$2 in NYC for da good shhh, not poseurs, drunkerds and Dalstonites. Please!?! Are they paying you? Cool name, though

    • Reply cheriecity October 4, 2014 at 2:17 pm

      Paying me? Nope, I went and paid them for their pizza. I don’t get it, if you have a problem with ‘Dalstonites’, then why go to Dalston to eat pizza? It would be great if we had the $1/$2 slice shops in London, but they just don’t really exist here.

  • Reply Beebop October 4, 2014 at 12:28 am

    I meant to be clear and say that £2.50-£3 was a more fair price to ask, even though still not as cheap as NYC. But £4.50 a slice is insane!!!!

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