Philips ReAura Home Laser Treatment – First Impressions

My skincare routine has always been on the simple side, with a proper cleanse, good quality products and regular facials being the height of my commitment.  My only clinical treatment has been red and blue light therapy for a spell of adult acne and the only discomfort I inflict on my face is monthly eyebrow threading.

Given the chance to try the new Philips ReAura home laser system, I was enthusiastic yet terribly nervous.  My primary concerns were the pain factor,  if I used it in the wrong way and whether it was safe.

Before even coming close to the device, I had a skincare consultation with a Philips ReAura dermatologist to make sure that my skin was suitable to undergo the ReAura treatments.  The skincare expert answered all of my questions and gave tips on how to get the best results.

At just 28, I don’t have any deep wrinkles to really put the ReAura to work, but I have one mean old forehead line and slight laughter lines that I’d like to reduce.  However, my main objective for ReAura is evening my skin tone and fading pigmentation for a fresher look.

The Philips ReAura works using cutting-edge Fraxel technology, shooting tiny laser beams down the epidermis and dermis, triggering natural cell renewal and increased levels of collagen.

To use the ReAura confidently and safely, it’s vital to watch the accompanying DVD and read the instruction booklet.  I replayed the demo section of the DVD while using the ReAura for the first time and used the lowest of the three settings, which is recommended for practicing and the first treatment.

After applying the laser performance gel, I glided the device across my face zone by zone.  The trick is to have continual contact between the skin and the laser, however, navigating the contours of the face can take some practice.  Rather than the expected burning sensation, I felt a slight sting and a quick, sharp pin prick in sensitive areas.

My biggest fear was looking and feeling like Samantha Jones after her chemical peel on Sex and the City!  My face was certainly red and tingly after, but I was amazed at how quickly the redness faded – in just one hour.  Washing off the gel with cold water and applying the laser aftercare complex helped relieve the heat.  Perhaps there will be more redness when I graduate to level 3, but at least I know that the treatment and after-effects are manageable.  My skin felt plumper and more awake afterwards, but then again I had just given it lot of attention.

Luckily, the Philips ReAura only needs to be used twice a week to see results (over an 8 week period), so it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort.  At £799, it’s a pricey skincare tool, so I’m looking forward to seeing if the results make it a good investment.

Check back on Chérie City for further Philips ReAura updates.  Philips ReAura is available exclusively through Space.NK.

All photos by Chérie City

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