WIN A Pair Of Flights To A European Destination With American Express

WIN A Pair Of Flights To A European Destination With American Express

I have a pair of European flights up for grabs thanks to the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card.

I recently joined American Express at a special blogger meet-up to celebrate the golden travel rewards linked to their Preferred Rewards Gold Card.

Hosted at St Martins Lane hotel, we sipped glittery lychee cocktails and found out about the amazing travel perks of having a Gold Card. And that’s not all – I won a pair of flights to Europe worth up to £400 to give away to a lucky Chérie City reader!

As you already know, I love exploring new cities and countries, so it’s good to know that the points you earn by using the Card can be redeemed for rewards that can help you see the world, such as flights, hotel stays and much more.

To help you build up points quickly, you’ll receive double the rewards on virtually all travel related spends and practically all purchases while you’re abroad. What’s more, there is no limit on the points you can earn and they never expire.

Right now, American Express is giving away a welcome bonus of 20,000 points just by spending and charging £1,000 in the first three months of Card membership. That’s enough for a pair of return flights to some of Europe’s most exciting cities*.

To find out more, visit

To be in with the chance of winning a pair of flights to a European destination of your choice worth £400, follow Chérie City on Facebook or Google Friend Connect and comment below, answering the following question:

Which is the most inspiring European destination you’ve visited?

The winner will be selected at random from all the correct entries received and the competition will close at midnight on 13 December 2011.

* Subject to availability – taxes, fees and surcharges apply.

Terms & Conditions:

· Entrants must be 18 or over and entry is limited to one per household.
· The winner must claim the prize within 48 hours of contact, or a new winner will be selected.
· The prize consists of a pair of economy flights up to the value of £400 including taxes and surcharges.
· Flights must be taken by 1 May 2012 and requested a minimum of 6 weeks prior to departure to ensure reservations.
· Travel insurance is the responsibility of the winner.
· The winner is responsible for ensuring that they and their guest have valid passports & any other visas or other documentation required to make the relevant trip.
· All travel dates are subject to availability. Flights may not be taken during peak periods.
· If a booking is cancelled no alternative tickets will be issued. No compensation and/or refund will be provided.
· The prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternatives will be offered.
· All bookings are subject to the chosen airline’s published Conditions of Carriage and flight schedules are subject to change without notice.
· Flights include all taxes and surcharges, but do not include transfers and/or additional travel, accommodation or other additional charges.
· American Express assumes no responsibility for damages, losses or injuries that result from acceptance of the prize.
· Employees of American Express and those of any associated companies, their immediate family or agents and anyone professionally connected with the competition are not eligible to play.
· The promoter: American Express Services Europe Limited, London SW1W 9TQ. The Preferred Rewards Gold Card is offered by American Express Services Europe Limited. Registered Office: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9AX. American Express Services Europe Limited is authorised in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (reference number 415532) for the provision of payment services

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  1. Neil Molyneux says:

    Florence is the city for me, beautiful and history everywhere you go.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve had little opportunity/money to travel, so the only place I’ve been to in Europe is Hamburg. However, I’d so very very much love to visit Paris, Berlin, Rome, Prague and Cordoba (amongst other places!). x

  3. Perhaps a little cliché perhaps but I adore Paris. I’ve been there twice and the latest trip was this summer for my wife and I’s FIRST wedding anniversary. To start, the weather was unbelievably gorgeous – a welcome change from the horrid ‘summer’ we were enjoying(?) in the UK. In the space of three days, we went all out and bust a gut to see the as much of the city and sights as possible, including a day trip to the beautiful palace of Versailles. Despite a two hour wait to enter Le Louvre, we spent much of the day taking in all the history harvested within one of the finest museums the world surely has to offer. And then there was the gastronomic delights, including our celebratory anniversary at a well-known French restaurant near the Louvre which was simply unforgettable. Just like our experience in Paris. Great, great times.

  4. Rome is the most inspiring for me. I went on Easter Sunday & the atmosphere in St Peter’s Square when the Pope was speaking was amazing. My Dad’s not Catholic but even he was moved to tears

  5. Darson Turner says:

    Anywhere warm please!

  6. Kay Unsworth says:

    My partner surprised me with tickets to Paris on our first Valentines day together and we only had a day to fit everything in. I loved Notre Dam and the Eiffel Tower but the most amazing place was a tiny backstreet patisserie that made the most gorgeous pain au chocolat. I think thats all we ate :)

  7. Judging by my travel experiences so far, I must say this is Paris. You could ‘feel’ the romantic mood everywhere in the city, from the little tucked in book shops, to the grandiose historic monuments like The Arc de Triomphe.

    My other half proposed to me over a bridge on river Seine during a warm autumn night – the beauty of the surroundings, the fresh food and fantastic wine afterwards, it all inspired me too seek more, to explore and to be a better person each day!

  8. Vienna – where I met my boyfriend, where I lived for several years and where my heart longs to be.

  9. Jane Dale-Beaumont says:

    London is without a doubt.THE BEST CAPITAL but i really
    loved Amsterdam, so clean and ‘clockwork’

  10. So far it would have to be Trieste. A very surprising Italian city with great architecture, shopping, restaurants and, of course, coffee!

  11. Unfortunately I have never had the oppourtunity to go anywhere outside of Sunny Scotland so I would have to say Glasgow. Beautiful architecture, friendly people, electric atmosphere and of course the (sometimes strange) food, deep fried Mars bar anyone?

  12. Would love to take my husband to Florence for our 1st year anniversary as we honeymooned in the lovely but rainy Lake District and Florence would be just soooo romantic!

  13. Ileana Fernandes says:

    So far the most amazing city I have visited is Paris! Especially beautiful from the top of the Eiffel Tower on a clear day! But there are so many others I would love to see! Following you on fb too xxx

  14. Sharon Wallis says:

    Venice without a doubt!

  15. Patricia Fletcher says:

    Bern – A beautiful sparkly hidden gem


    Bruges, its beautiful and a really romantic place to go.

  17. Lapland (Finland) – where I got married – is the most amazing place on the planet:)

  18. Now you might not think that Ibiza is very inspiring but each year we visit Es Cana and Santa Eulalia in Ibiza and it’s so picturesque and relaxing. I always feel very inspired and motivated when i’ve been there to recharge my batteries.
    Have followed you via Google friend :)

  19. Alison Smith says:

    I love it. It’s got something for everyone. Sightseeing, fabulous food, architecture, beach, you’d never get bored

  20. Carl Bradbury says:

    The most inspiring European destination I have ever visited would have to be Le Paris. A city bursting at the seems with culture, so close to the UK.

  21. I love Rome- the architecture, the shopping, the vibrant street life.It has great culture, fabulously dressed women (although not as fab as the ones in Verona) and a good vibe about it.

  22. Edinburgh – not hot, not exotic, but beautiful, welcoming, and such a lovely atmosphere!

  23. IRENE MCINTOSH says:

    Sorrento is where my husband took me on my honeymoon, but sadly I have never returned. Oh how I would love just once more to wonder by moonlight down the cobbled street, and by day take a boat trip along The Amalfi Coast. Oh the memories!

  24. Angela Critchley says:

    Lisbon – Steeped in in architecture a jewel in Portugal’s crown

  25. Angela Sandhu says:

    Paris is beautiful. Day or night. Even if you are with family or friends or having a romantic weekend. Its perfect for everything!

  26. Salzburg in Austria for me everytime, love the xmas markets

  27. Paris! Beautiful, Romantic, Exciting!

  28. Havent made it to Berlin yet so that would be fab! Or I’d love to go back to Reykjavik…or failing that just a trip to London to catch up with you dude! X

  29. Carolann Turner says:

    I loved barcelona, we went there a few years ago for hubby’s birthday, we had a fab time. All that history with gaudi, all the architecture on buildings he had done was so inspiring. The church looks lovely, I just hope that one day they will finish it. We went for 3 days but I wished it would have been longer, would love to go back there again one day.

  30. The most inspiring place I have actually been is the airport car park in Basel, because it’s where I met the woman I love.

  31. Amanda Monti says:

    I would have to say cala d’or as it was stunning the views of the coast line were magnificent and far exceeded my expectations – would like to return x

  32. sandra frost says:

    Berlin, I lived in Germany for a while many years ago and it was great still miss the food from some of the restaurants and the ice cream parlours – would love to go back!

  33. Louise Smith says:

    Barcelona is amazing

  34. Mayrhofen in Austria because I stayed in an igloo for a night high up in the mountains when I was there. A truly magical and inspiring experience!

  35. Paleokastritsa – Corfu (Such a beautiful place)

  36. Paris

  37. Gonna have to say Prague. Would love to go back.

  38. Jacquie Bennett says:

    Verona was beautiful, amazing architecture lovely people, lots of hustle and bustle, my trip will stay with me forever. x

  39. It HAS to be Barcelona… Inspirational, exciting, creative….! It’s a fantastic city that everybody should visit for fantastic food, fashion and fun :)

  40. Andrew Bowman says:

    Valencia, incredible architecture, amazing sunshine, stunning beaches, fabulous fiestas, Stylish, and a grand prix city what more do you need! *\o/*

  41. Vienna, Austria……..soooo beautiful

  42. Hazel Wright says:

    Paris…arrived there the day before Bastille Day quite by chance so stayed for 2 nights in a hotel and watched the parade and the fireworks to celebrate the Eiffel Tower’s 120th birthday! Fantastic timing!

  43. Stuttgart – the main square is a great place to relax.

  44. Lorraine Johnson says:

    I have to say that the most inspiring City I have visited is Edinburgh! The history & architecture were amazing. I loved the people I met & my 9 year old son could not soak up enough information, he loved it!

  45. Sally Palmer says:

    Rome, because I managed to wander round for an entire day with my mouth open, either because of the sights or because I was busy shovelling gorgeous pasta into it.

  46. Camilla Philip says:

    Eze in the South of France…a beautiful mediaeval town on a hill top with stunning sea views over the med…cobbled streets….crazy little courtyards, secret gardens – allsorts!! Just MAGICAL!!!!

  47. most inspiring european city ive been to is moscow..just kidding its madrid

  48. milly kenny-ryder says:

    I follow you on google friend and on facebook and on twitter!

    My favourite is Paris, cliche I know, but I can’t help but fall in love with it again every time I go.

  49. Siena a beautiful Tuscan city much nicer than noisey over-crowded and over-priced Florence

  50. London – best city – both historical and modern and tryly inspiring!

  51. Marc Jackson says:

    Kiev. Fantastic city and great people who have experienced enormous suffering.

  52. Barcelona! Amazing architecture, food, culture, people, it has the whole package.

  53. Sajjid Balolia says:

    Barcelona – Nothing compares, just incredible.

  54. The view of Ithaca from Kefalonia is very inspiring. We saw it memorably at dusk while there was a clear sky overhead for us, but a storm over the Ithaca. The view conjured up images of angry gods and goddesses punishing the people below and for a few moments, we felt as if we might have been back in the time of Homer himself.

  55. In Europe I would say Ghent, it’s my hometown and I absolutely adore it. Elsewhere I would go with Beirut, a new very vibrant city, not touristic which is amazing I think.

    I follow you on twitter and Facebook.

  56. Sarah Morris says:

    Prague, if you’ve been there, you’d know why.

  57. Sarah Morris says:

    i am following on facebook as sarah morris

  58. Peter ODwyer says:

    For me it would have to be Berlin in the winter, a great mix of old meets new.

  59. Berlin – the mix of history and recent revival of the city makes for a facinating experience.

  60. Joanne Cross says:

    Definitely Prague. As someone who works in the arts, I found the stories of the Velvet Revolution moving and inspiring.

  61. Has to be Lisbon! Everything you could want from a European city, architecture, culture, great bars and fantastic custard tarts! Although I’d use the flights to take the missus to Paris and ask a certain question!

  62. It has to be Rome for me.

  63. ralph Barber says:

    Prague Great people and beautiful city

  64. Phil Darling says:

    Amsterdam – its like a friendly village on a city scale. Happy days

  65. EMMA WALTERS says:

    barcelona, has some amazing back street markets when you start looking :) follow on fb

  66. I haven’t been able to afford to leave the UK yet, but I would say London. I’ve never seen classic architecture and history blend so well with the modern!

  67. amanda egglestone says:

    I would recommend Berlin, such a beautiful city.

  68. Rome.. amazing city! <3 Great competition! fingers crossed

  69. Christine Mutter says:

    Barcelona with my husband – we had a fantastic time. So romantic.

  70. Michelle Williams says:

    Its a toss up between Rome and Barcelona. Both are equally beautiful, but I think Barcelona has the edge, Rome is spoiled by the street sales people continually harassing you.

  71. James Donovan says:

    The most inspiring european city that i have been to is Barcelona. Its amazing, the olympics in 1992 were the best thing that happened to the city. Awesome buildings, old and new.
    You even get a great beach

  72. Florence Cross says:

    Cinque Terre in Italy

  73. Berlin for me. love the differant sides to the city, the history and of course the world class nightlife!

  74. Margherita pellegrino says:

    Paris, for sure!

  75. Jeremy Hards says:

    My favourite European City is Bruge. Wonderful old buildings and just the right size to wander around without getting too lost.

  76. Cassie Bedford says:

    Rome. I visited Rome this year and it really inspired me, the history, the structures and the people

  77. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Prague absolutely loved it modern and vibrant one minute and wonderfully historic the next with loads to see and do

  78. jane Oholleran says:

    My favourite is Sardinia, we visited a small area with a lot of history and culture, it was amazing!

  79. Krakow was amazing. beautiful old city tinged with a bit of sadness. auschwitz was the most haunting place I have ever been, so sad but also seems so inspiring. not somewhere I would ever want to go back to but felt very privileged to have had the chance to go.

  80. i would have to say paris there was so much to see like the eiffel tower, the louvre the seine it was fun

  81. mandy eakins says:

    Verona – does it for me – gorgeous restaurants, Juliet’s balcony, beautiful buildings and the most fabulous outdoor amphitheatre – visit it in the summer on a balmy evening and watch the opera … magical!!!

  82. Cathryn Bowen says:

    Rome – the eternal city

  83. Prerna Gupta says:


  84. L P Mulligan says:

    Was impressed by Barcelona because it is simply enjoyable and it is city that everybody should experience for fantastic food, fashion, street entertainment and fun!

  85. mark johnson says:


  86. It has to be Prague at Christmas, with the fabulous architecture (the Tyn Church illuminated at night is is stunningly beautiful), glittering fairy lights, crisp frosty air and mulled wine – oh, the mulled wine – it is a magical city!

  87. Angie Hoggett says:

    Barcelona – it comes alive at night

  88. Ray Fielding says:

    Venice has to be the most inspiring city I have visited, I can’t wait to go back again.

  89. Therese Pastore says:

    For me it would have to be Rome but there are so many Italian cities that I could also have listed.

  90. Rome – you just feel the history with every step you take. And let’s not forget the food and shopping – HEAVEN!

  91. Has to be Paris last summer, with friends. I took my camera and tried to only speak French even though I don’t speak French! Lot’s and lot’s of fun!

  92. Bern is the most inspiring city I have ever visited, different nationalities sharing culture and experiences in amazing picture postcard location.

  93. Sarah Parker says:

    I love St Petersberg. It was a lovely city fully of history

  94. Stockholm is amazing- gorgeous architecture, beautiful scenery and some lovely shops. Shame about the price of wine….!

  95. Kirsty O'Neill says:

    Krakow. It’s the most amazing, vibrant city.

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